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Manufacturer and Reseller of Coin Counters, Coin Sorters, Coin Crimpers, Coin Counting Scales, Currency Counters, Coin Wrapping & Coin Bagging Supplies

KLOPP has been a U.S. manufacturer of high quality, economically priced coin handling equipment since 1931. Our superb reputation for accuracy, rugged dependability and almost no service has been justifiably earned through the test of time. U.S. Made + 1 Year Factory Warranty on Parts & Labor

Cassida InstaCheck Counterfeit Bill Detector Magnetic Infrared

SeeTech iHunter Currency Sorter  2 Pocket

KLOPP Model CM Coin Counter counts, wraps and bags wet dollars, quarters, nickels, dimes, pennies and tokens one denomination at a time as though they were dry

The KCS Series Coin Counting Scale in an easy-to-use, highly accurate scale for weighing coins, tokens and tickets

KLOPP Coin Sorter Model SM is recommended for sorting wet coins and tokens from carwashes

How KLOPP Coin Counting and Currency Sorting Equipment Benefits You:

  • Sort 1,000 mixed coins per minute. (KLOPP Model SE and KLOPP Model SM)
  • Fill a bank wrapper in four seconds and automatically stop when it’s full. (Models CE, CM, CECR and KK)
  • Count and wrap $1000 in quarters in 20 minutes. (Models CE, CM, CECR and KK)
  • Bag 1800 coins per minute. (Models CE, CM, CECR, CMB / CEB and KK)
  • Provide 100% accuracy, 100% of the time.
  • Does not reject slugs or differentiate between coins or tokens of the same diameter.

Why Choose KLOPP Coin Counting and Currency Sorting Equipment?

  • Eliminate 70% of the time now being spent to count and wrap or bag coins by hand or with a plastic slide. Money Back Guarantee!
  • Eliminate human error caused by interruptions since the KLOPP does the counting, not the operator.
  • Cut the labor cost of coin processing by providing fast and accurate counts the first time.
  • Speed bank deposit preparation.
  • Provide substantially more time for truly important duties.
  • Improve morale by eliminating a boring and tedious job.
  • Can be shared with other departments.
  • Can be operated easily and safely by almost anyone
  • KLOPP Coin Counters and Sorters are proudly Made in America!