Electric Coin Sorter

KLOPP Coin Sorter Model SE sorts quarters, nickels, dimes,pennies, dollars, tokens and non-U.S. coins

KLOPP Coin Sorters will separate up to four (4) different coins or tokens into individual coin boxes. The standard KLOPP Model SE sorts quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies. Other configurations are available upon request that can process dollars, tokens, or non-U.S. coins*. KLOPP Coin Sorters do not count. (see Coin Counters)

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CAR WASH OPERATORS: The KLOPP Model SE (Electric Sorter) will not process wet coins/tokens. Choose KLOPP Model SM instead.

Operating the KLOPP Model SE Coin Sorter is easy. Pour a large quantity of mixed coins into the large Coin Tray. Turn the power switch ‘ON’. Rake the mixed coins by hand from the tray into the Hopper, making sure not to fill the Hopper more than halfway at any one time. The coins/tokens will be rapidly separated into the individual removable coin boxes.

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Model Description Retail Price
SE Basic Series Electric Sorter for Quarter, Nickel, Penny and Dime $2320.00
SE $ and Smaller Electric Sorter for $1 and/or token/coin sizes equal to or smaller than $1 in diameter $2360.00
SE Larger than $ Electric Sorter for any token or coin size, up to 1.125″ in diameter $2400.00
Coin Box Additional Coin Boxes $16.00 each

Details and Specifications

  • Construction – Cast Aluminum and Hardened Steel.
  • Finish – Polished aluminum, plated steel, and textured gray enamel.
  • Sorts – 1,000 coins per minute.
  • Denominations – Sorts U.S. 25¢, 10¢, 5¢, 1¢. Also other coins, including the U.S. $, tokens, and non-U.S. coins up thru 28.5mm (1.125″) in diameter and 2mm (.080″) in thickness on request.
  • Comes standard with 4 plastic Coin Boxes
  • Dimensions – W-22″, H-13″, D-19″
  • Weight – 30 lbs. (Shipping Weight – 44 lbs.)
  • Motor – 1/15 hp, 115 volt, 60 cycle. (220 volt optional)

Product Information

KLOPP Coin Counting & Sorting Machines Brochure
KLOPP Coin Sorter Operating Instructions
Coin Sorter Troubleshooting Information

KLOPP Model SE Electric Coin Sorter

*Coins and tokens must be round. Coins/tokens with flat edges will not run through the machine. Sorters will not process Eisenhower or Morgan dollars.

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