Kisan KD10 Smart Safe

Kisan KD10 Front Angle

The Kisan KD10 Smart Safe is an ideal front office solution for all your point-of-sale cash management needs. The KD10 helps safeguard your cash against shrinkage and human error. Cashiers can make their cash drops throughout the day and run End-of-Shift reports. Managers can process End-of-Day reports and open the Safe to make evening bank deposits. The built-in Printer allows for receipts to manage every step of the process.

Managers can assign individual User ID’s so that you can track everyone’s usage of the Safe. Cashier ID’s allow for making cash-drop deposits into the safe and for running Reports, but do not allow Cashiers to open the safe or access the money once the Deposit is completed. Manager ID’s allow for running Reports and opening the Safe to retrieve the cash for bank deposit processing.

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When your Cashier needs to do a cash drop, they login with their unique User ID and feed a stack of bills into the Input pocket. The KD10 feeds the bills into the Safe, and counts the bills as it runs. The Input pocket can accept 100 bills at a time; the Cashier simply keeps feeding bills until they have completed the cash drop. If there are soiled, torn, or unrecognizable bills, they will come out in the Reject pocket, and the Cashier can drop those bills using the Manual Deposit function, and insert the bills through the slot in the front of the Safe. The Cashier can print a receipt of their cash drop to place into the register as a record of the transaction.

At the end of the day, the Manager can Login with their unique User ID to print End-of Day Reports, and to open the Safe to remove the cash for preparing a bank deposit. The Safe is opened using a Smart Button, and the Manager has 60 seconds to open the door using the Button.

The Kisan KD10 Smart Safe can be configured with a 4500-bill capacity canvas bag, or a 2000-bill cassette, for storing the cash in the safe. The bills are fed by the KD10 into the Bag or Cassette. When the Manager opens the Safe, there is a slide lock that closes and secures the Bag or Cassette. Once the manager takes the sealed Bag or Cassette into their office to prepare the bank deposit, they can use a key to open it to access the cash.

The top of the KD10 is locked, but can be opened with a key in case there is a jam, or for routine cleaning. Once opened, the top of the KD10 does not provide any access to the Safe area in the bottom of the machine.

The Kisan KD10 Smart Safe is a great addition to your cash-handling environment, giving you extra security and accuracy to help you run your business as profitably and efficiently as possible.

Kisan KD10 Smart Safe Features*:

  • High speed processing: Up to 5 notes per second
  • High performance validator: Time and cost saving for work efficiency
  • Easy to use: Simple, intuitive UI and adaptable to any environment
  • Premium quality: Robust and dependable design
  • Designed to safeguard: Protect against shrinkage and human error

Kisan KD10 Smart Safe Specifications*:

  • Dimensions: 10.6 x 23 x 27.6 in.
  • Weight: 102 lbs.
  • Banknote Inlet Capacity: 100 notes
  • Banknote Reject Capacity: 100 notes
  • Feed Direction: Short-edge first
  • Transfer Speed: 300 notes/minute
  • Storage (Cassette): 2,000 notes
  • Storage (Canvas bag): 4,500 notes
  • Counterfeit detection
  • Access: Top opens with key for cleaning/jam removal
  • Display: 4.3″ Touch Screen (480×272 pixels)
  • Receipt Printer: 2″ paper width
  • PC, POS, and KIOSK Integration
  • Connections:
    • USB
    • LAN
    • Wireless
  • Supply Voltage Range:
    • AC 100V – AV 240V
  • OS: Linux

Product Information

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*product features and specifications subject to change without notice

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