Coin Sorters

KLOPP Coin Sorters

  • KLOPP Coin Sorters can be customized to separate many combinations of mixed coins.
  • Sort 1,000 mixed coins per minute. (Models SE and SM)
  • Up to 4 coins may be separated into individual bins. Specify which coins to be sorted when placing order.
  • Foreign coin sorters available upon request.
  • Sorters DO NOT count.

Magner Coin Sorters

  • Sorts current US coin denominations
  • Automatically off-sorts foreign coins, tokens or slugs
  • Approximately 800 coins/per minute
  • 5-output (305S+) or 9-output (309) configuration
  • Optional printer, coin tray, bagging stand, and wrapping drawers available

Wet Coin Sorting

Dry Coin Sorting

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