Kisan Newton 30
3-Pocket Currency Discriminator

Kisan Newton 30 3-pocket Currency Fitness Sorter (money not included)
Kisan Newton 30 3-pocket Currency Fitness Sorter

The Kisan Newton 30 3-Pocket Currency Fitness Sorter separates your ATM-quality bills from a stack of mixed bills to ensure you get the best bills in your machines. The Fitness Counting Mode provides complete authentication of your currency as well as high-level fitness sorting. There are 2 levels of Fitness: ATM and Fit. ATM is the more sensitive scanning of the bills, to get only the best quality bills. Fit allows more bills to be processed for everyday use. Unfit bills are rejected for taking to the bank to exchange for good bills.

The Mixed Counting Mode counts your stack of mixed bills into both output pockets, and provides you totals for each pocket, as well as a grand total. Facing and Orientation are also done in Mixed Counting Mode. The Auto Sorting Mode will sort your bills into the 2 output pockets, 2 demoninations at a time.

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The Newton 30 is easy to use, with a large, intuitive touch screen. The 3-pocket design, with 2 stackers and a reject pocket, allows the Newton 30 to process bills without stopping. The Newton 30 opens in the front, utilizing 2 doors, for easy access to clean and/or clear out a jam if you need to. The rear also opens for cleaning and/or jam removal. With its modern design, full color touch screen and user-friendly interface, the Kisan Newton 30 3-Pocket Currency Fitness Sorter provides every operator with a more comfortable and efficient working environment.