Electric Counter/Wrapper/Bagger

KLOPP Model CE count wrap bag coins tokens

KLOPP Model CE count wrap bag coins tokens

The KLOPP Model CE counts, wraps and bags coins and tokens, one denomination at a time. The standard Model CE will process quarters, nickels, dimes, pennies, dollars and the most common token sizes. Other coin/token sizes up 1.125″ in diameter can also be processed upon request. The Model CE is portable thanks to the convenient carrying handle on top of the folding tray. The Model CE does not sort coins or tokens. (see Coin Sorters)

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Using the Model CE is simple. For wrapping, pour a large quantity pre-sorted coins or tokens into the tray. Set the controls and insert a bank wrapper into the wrapping tube at the front of the CE. Turn the switch “ON”, and in four seconds the wrapper is filled with the proper number of coins and the coin flow stops. Repeat the process until all coins are counted and wrapped. For bulk counting and bagging, just replace the wrapping tube with an optional bagging tube and set the controls for Continuous mode. The resettable meter will tell you the number of coins that have been counted into the bag. The Model CE comes standard with your choice of tube packages: (3) nylon wrapping tubes (.25, .10, .05) -or- (1) nylon wrapping tube and (1) all-purpose bagging tube. Other tube sizes are available on request.

Retail Price: $1950.00

Call 1-800-356-9080 to place your order.

CE: Electric Counter/Wrapper/Bagger
CE $1 / 1″ TOKEN down through DIME in diameter
CE-C1 CANADIAN $1 / 1″ TOKEN down through DIME in diameter
CE-C2 CANADIAN $2, 1 1/8″ Token, $1, 25, 5 in diameter (no dime or penny)

Details and Specifications

  • Construction – Cast aluminum and hardened steel.
  • Finish – Durable, easy to clean powder coating.
  • Coin Tray – Folds to protect the controls from dirt or damage when not in use. The balanced handle attached to the tray makes it easy to carry or store the counter.
  • Coin Stops – 20, 25, 40, 50 coins/tokens for wrapping, plus ‘C’ for continuous flow into a bag.
  • Meter – Five (5) digit resettable.
  • Wrapping Tubes – Color Coded 25¢, 10¢, 5¢ ($ tube and other coin/token sizes optional).
  • Bagging Tubes – (Optional) A bagging tube (not a wrapping tube) must always be used when counting into a bag.
  • Counts – Up to 1,800 coins per minute (for Bagging) or can fill a bank wrapper in 4 seconds (for Wrapping). Hinged coin tray holds approximately 3000 coins.
  • Denominations – Counts, wraps, or bags all U.S. $, 25¢, 10¢, 5¢, 1¢ plus .800, .882, .900, .984 and 1″ tokens. Also tokens and non-U.S. coins up thru 28.5mm (1.125″) in diameter and 2mm (.080″) in thickness on request.
  • Dimensions – W-10″, H-12″ , D-14″ (Closed), D-20″ (Open).
  • Weight – 22 lbs. (Shipping Weight – 27 lbs.)
  • Motor – 1/30 hp, 115 volt, 60 cycle (220 volt optional)

Product Information

KLOPP Coin Counting & Sorting Machines Brochure
Coin Counter Oiling Instructions – New Machines
Coin Counter Maintenance Guide – Old Machines


Wrapping & Bagging Tubes

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