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KLOPP Model SE #069217/J

Used Model SE 069217J

This is a Refurbished Electric Coin Sorter, originally built in 1992. It has all-new Power Cord & Switch, Disc Pickup Pins, and Finger Rail, and has been cleaned and tested for proper operation. This machine is currently set to sort Dollars*, Quarters, Nickels/Dimes, and Pennies. The Sorter can be reconfigured for other combinations of coins or tokens on request, as long as they are smaller than a standard Dollar* coin. Please note: KLOPP Coin Sorters do not count.

This is an older-style Sorter that has a Cleanout Lever, where you push down on the lever to empty collected debris from the inside of the Hopper. The Sorter comes with 4 Coin Boxes and a Mounted Tray.

Operating the KLOPP Model SE Coin Sorter is easy. Pour a large quantity of mixed coins into the large Coin Tray. Turn the power switch β€˜ON’. Rake the mixed coins by hand from the tray into the Hopper, making sure not to fill the Hopper more than halfway at any one time. The coins/tokens will be rapidly separated into the individual removable coin boxes.

Used Model SE 069217J TopFront
Used Model SE 069217J Bottom Front
Used Model SE 069217J Coin Boxes
Used Model SE 069217J Coin Tray
Used Model SE 069217J Serial Tag

Refurbished Price: $1200.00

Call 1-800-356-9080 to place your order.

*Standard circulating Dollar coins only; Eisenhower and Morgan Dollars will NOT process.

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