Wet Coin Counting and Sorting

KLOPP Manual Coin Counters and Sorters process wet coins or tokens just as easily as dry ones. The manually operated KLOPP Model CM Coin Counter, Model CMB Coin Bagger and Model SM Coin Sorter are ideally suited for processing wet coins/tokens from Carwashes, Amusement Fun Centers or anywhere your coins might get wet. 

The Model CM Coin Counter/Wrapper/Bagger and Model CMB “One Coin” Counter/Bagger are among the only counters in the industry that can count WET coins or tokens. Most, if not all, of the coins/tokens in the carwash industry are wet.  Normally, coin counters drive coins over a flat surface with a single upper wheel or belt. When coins are wet, this method creates skidding just like your automobile tires on a rain soaked road.  This doesn’t happen with the KLOPP Model CM. It utilizes both upper and lower drive wheel mechanisms. This unique and exclusive design allows wet coins or tokens to be transported through the counting process with the same speed and efficiency as though they were “bone dry.”  This double-roller feed is very much like a high-speed printing press.

As a companion to the Model CM Coin Counter/Wrapper/Bagger or Model CMB “One Coin” Counter/Bagger, KLOPP also manufactures the Model SM Coin Sorter. The Model SM Coin Sorter will separate up to 4 wet coin/token denominations at one time, at a rate of 900 coins per minute.  Model SM machines can be customized per your requirements.

Wet Coin Counter – Model CM and CMB

Wet Coin Sorter – Model SM

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