Toshiba IBS-210 Currency Sorter

The Toshiba IBS-210 Currency Sorter is one of the most innovative and reliable banknote counters utilizing image processing technology to both recognize and discriminate between bills. The IBS-210 has 7 operating modes and 4 counterfeit detection scans to satisfy all your currency counting needs.

The IBS-210 uses 2-pockets, a stacker and a reject pocket, allowing it to count and off-sort without stopping. Having a reject pocket allows operators to perform daily cash-processing jobs without any interruption. When counting, suspect or unrecognizable banknotes automatically divert to the reject pocket, assuring the operator continuous operation.

The IBS-210 is easily opened for maintenance, and updates are done through the USB port. With its modern design, full color LCD Touch-Screen and user-friendly interface, the Toshiba IBS-210 provides every operator with a more comfortable and efficient working environment.


  • Counts and Identifies all US denominations
  • Counting Modes Include:
    • Mix: Counts mixed money, providing grand total and itemized count.
    • Single (Sorting): Counts 1 Denomination and sorts all other denominations into reject pocket.
    • Facing: Faces all bills (heads up or heads down)
    • Orientation: Orients all bills in proper direction (heads facing right or heads facing left)
    • New/Old: Sorts bills by generation: old notes to the bottom, new bills to the reject pocket
    • Verify: Confirm the value and quantity of the count
    • Piece: Count only the quantity of bills regardless of denomination
  • Full Counterfeit Detection: CIS, IR, MG, UV
  • 4.3″ LCD Color Touch-Screen
  • User Friendly Menu Interface
  • Easy Upgrade via USB
  • Easy Jam Removal (2 openings from front and rear side)


  • Dimensions: 12.9W x 13.4D x 16.9H in (330 x 340 x 430 mm)
  • Weight: 37.5 lbs (17 kg)
  • Number of pockets: 2
  • Counting Speed: 600 note/min mixed, 750 note/min piece
  • Hopper Capacity: approx. 500 notes
  • Stacker Capacity: approx. 200 notes
  • Reject Capacity: approx. 100 notes
  • Sorting Note Size:
    • Long side: 4.7 – 7.1 in (120-180 mm)
    • Short side: 2.4 – 3.15 in (60-80 mm)
  • Display: 4.3” Color Graphic Touch LCD
  • Control Panel:
    • Size: 6.2W x 1.2D x 3.7H in (160 x 30 x 95 mm)
    • Weight: .8 lbs (350 g)
  • Usage Temperature: 50 – 95 F (10 – 35 C)
  • Storage Temperature: -22 – 185 F (-30 – 85 C)
  • Number of CIS Sensor: 1 x CIS
  • Tape Detection: None
  • Counterfeit Detection: CIS / IR / MG / UV
  • Interface: PC Interface
  • Power source: AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 1.5-0.7A

Product Information

Toshiba IBS-210 Product Brochure

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